Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Serve The Servants

We have reached the end of an era as we bid adios to hizzoner
Slack no. 3, The Politico Issue
ROCKtober, 1993 (published 10-11-93)

When I awoke on a chilly Memorial Day Monday I went downstairs to make some coffee and read today's delivered holiday issue of my local paper. I was surprised to see the front page obit for hizzoner, James D. Griffin. Buffalo mayor for 4 terms, Jimmy had a reputation that grew (for bad and worse) as his years in office went on and on and on... He will always be remembered for tearing down Billy Lawless's dancing neon penis sculpture that was aside to the Thruway-- every tom, richard and harry (and their wives and mothers) could see it on their commute into the city. He threatened reporters and actual punched a few, and he gave Buffalo one of it's most famous quotes about staying in and getting a sixpack during the big blizzard of '77.

Well as my tribute to a Buffalo political legend-- I give you Slack no. 3, The Politico issue. The issue hit the streets as Jimmy was finally leaving Buff's top spot in 1993 and features some nice close range reports on Jimmy's history in office. There is some riotous journalistic screed about politics nationally in 1993 & 1st Prez Bushie by Horrorscope writer Brad M as well.

The poltics end there.... The rest of the issue is full of musical features including ,nirvana, nirvana, nirvana (the kids were crazy for that band, ya know...) Strick's Top 13 "Never Listened" To Albums (a record by Strange Advance is to remain sealed until his death which at that time it should be 'played in accordance with his will.'), a whopping 10 DJ lists, an 808 State interview by Andre and a Bitter Boy piece bemoaning 1993 rock as "inexperienced fluff."

Looking back at issue number 3 I was happy to see:

  • a more polished layout
  • better quality photosand scans
  • Horrorscope's 'official outlaw of the month'. Capricorn was Stinky Al D'Amato.
  • an actual photo shot for Slack by a photog for the cover (which was cool)
  • eight paid ads (one for The Jumpers Reunion Show and one which I scanned plastic wrap for the background)

Looking back at issue number 3 I was sorry to see:
  • Optima
  • an Urge Overkill song in my DJ list (what was I thinking with this band again!)
  • begging for subscriptions in the editorial
  • that's about it...
Download it here: Slack n. 3, The Politico Issue (4 Mg)

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