Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Loves The Sun

Cool It Down -- Twin Fair, 8-Tracks and the missing CDs, that one's that really hurt...

I think back about all the CDs I used to own that were stolen, borrowed and never returned, disappeared after a party, you moved out-of-town and you traded them to me in exchange for your share of the utility bills, and the otherwise misappropriated. The ones that you remember most are the ones you really miss.

Of the first 2 cds I ever bought -- LL Cool J's "Bigger and Deffer" and B.A.D.'s awesome first record, "This is Big Audio Dynamite"-- only the BAD remains in my collection. Kinda sucks not to have the first 2 cds I ever owned. Not for nostalgic purposes, because they both rocked. I have the first ever record I purchased- 1975's (bought new in 1978) Aerosmith 'Toys in the Attic" (but then again, it might have been Joe Walsh's "But Seriously Folks" LP....). Good one... probably bought at Twin Fair or Cavages at the Boulevard Mall.

I don't have the first cassette tape I ever boughtm and know I don't have the first home-recorded cassette I ever made-- but I do remember it was The Beatle's blue LPs (didn't bother with the red one, for some reason..). I know I don't have the first 8-track tape I ever duped. Before moving all the way to cassettes at an early age, I did have a nice collection of 8-tracks when I was 14-15 years old including Steely Dan "Aja", Cheap Trick "Live at Budakon," Alice Cooper's "School's Out," and the first Boston & Foreigner records. Hey, I was 15 years old.

But I must bring this back to the misappropriated CDs of the past. The ones that really get me, are the CDs I have completely forgotten about. They are the ones that pop-up and make you say "damn, now I have to buy that for a second time...". I have one CD of the 2-CD set New Order "Substance" in my collection... that really burns me, someone stole one half of the collection. Loser. That second one was the good CD too! I am also missing-- and if YOU have them, please return them-- the Cure's "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me", "LA Woman" by The Doors and/or U2's "Joshua Tree"... I already replace the first two, so on second thought-- if you got 'em, keep 'em!

The real painful ones are the forgotten ones that sneak up on you like this: I recently read the 33-1/2 book about the "Velvet Underground and Nico" LP and decided to dig out the vinyl version so I could burn it to CD (for myself only, of course...). I haven't found it yet, but I know (hope) it is still in the record collection someplace. Then it hit me. I used to have the CD of VU's commercially-pleasing, hit-filled "Loaded" - quite a fine recording, I might say. It's gone... a long time ago. I forgot I even owned it, it has been gone for so long. I probably bought it 24 years ago and owned it for about 10 years of that time. I found a real beat-up and unplayable vinyl copy that wasn't mine to start with... I may have 'misappropriated' this one.... (not on purpose).

But when you have a bunch -- some may say, too much -- music like me, you can get a surprise once in a while. The exact opposite happens. I had a hankering for the live Kinks double LP "Two For The Road," and bammmmmmm-- there it was! Awesome. Then a few mysterious ones will creep in like Electroman's "KookaKook" 12" record... who's was this? Thanks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror in The Bathroom

Once again I have a painting included in the Western New York Book Arts Member Gallery Show. The opening is this Friday, May 21st from 6-9PM. Come on down, support the arts and check out my latest work of artwork (that is not graphic design).

For last year's WNYBA's Member Show, I included an old painting that I thought would be fitting as it had 'words' included in it. It was something that I created when I was producing a lot of artwork: 10+ years ago. For this year's show I got my act together and completed an entirely new piece of art. It is a painting that is a more 'built up' that painted -- it includes acrylic, old presstype and powdered graphite. It is currently untitled, but I hope to give it a catchy title before I turn it in in a couple of days.

Hope to see you folks at the opening, for more info click the link!

2nd Annual WNYBA Member's Exhibition
On view May 21-July 9th.

Opening Event Friday May 21 6PM-9PM

Western New York Book Arts Center
468 Washington St.
Buffalo NY 14203

NOTE (05.18.10): Last minute entry with a new painting created last night- Now I have to decide between 2 submissions. Let's see how it looks this AM.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spin Me 'Round

People always come over and seem to enjoy visiting our studio space (especially other artists). I was thinking on working on a series of blog posts that would be about some of the graphic artists and creative folks I know-- so see if I could get them to let us get a peek into their studios. Creative people often have the best spaces to work in- packed with designs, inspirational material and just plain cool stuff!

Earlier back, when this blog started, I did a series of posts which were brief interviews with some local Buffalo design-folks. I'll see if I can get the time to get into this sort of project. I'll start to see what sort of interest there is from you, the loyal readers, and the artists themselves.

In the meantime..... a peak into the OtherWisz Creative office space (top floor).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

O My Soul

The family spent the afternoon printing. This morning we went to the Western New York Book Arts to learn about printing with wood type, the way they did it hundreds of years ago. Today's hands-on class was to combine wooden block type letterforms into animal shapes. See some photos from our experience below.

This was a fantastic experience. It started with picking letterforms, setting them up in a galley, using wood 'furniture' to lock it all in, and then printing using equipment from the 1880's. The girls came up with some nice designs which I will pick up in a few days after they dry.

Designing with your hands really made you feel like an ancient craftsman. The smell of the ink, the rolling of the hand-press and the results made for a great time. It doesn't get an 'real' that graphic-designing by hand with woodtype. Good for the soul.

Some of the wooden type we used to print with in a variety of styles, typefaces and sizes.

Our host Rich Kegler showing some past work for inspiration.

Leftovers from a previous print job.

Young designer looking for type specimens to start with.

The young designers designing with woodtype, setting up on their trays.

Rich inking some letters for a proof.

Some wood block type all 'purpled' up with ink.

Young designer peaking through window in basement of Book Arts.