Monday, October 4, 2010

I Shot The Serif

A project we recently worked on (that was not hockey-related) were these marketing materials for Independent Nursing Care's 2010 Flu Immunizations clinics.  Every year this client of ours spends the last few months administering flu shots to the general public and corporate clients at various locations throughout the East Coast.

To help boost awareness of the flu shot clinics, we worked with the team at INC to come up with the "GET SHOT" logo that appeared on posters, buttons, stickers and hand-out flyers.  The same brand has appeared on the INC website as well as in radio commercials and web banners.

The OtherWisz team took the phase supplied by the client and developed it into the logo seen above.  We used a soothing color scheme that matched the existing INC brand and we softened the phrase "GOT SHOT" by substituting the "T" in "SHOT" for a syringe illustration created in-house.  The logo is used on buttons worn by the trained nurses administering the shots and on stickers for the people getting shots, hence the "GET SHOT' vs. the "I GOT SHOT."

Using a stock image of a nurse (used on other INC collateral and the website) we created a compelling visual to further soften the idea of getting immunized.  If you are like me, I hate to get shots. The nurse appears on the customizable posters, hand-out flyers, the INC website and web banner.

Designed in a 'mad rush' 2-week period, the final project included coordinating the printing of the pieces from different vendors that all had to be delivered the last few days prior to the start of the flu shot campaign.  So with several edits from the client, who was mostly out of the office preparing for the clinics, we got our mad rush excitement! But if you are like me (I work better under pressure) and thrive on meeting the deadlines! 

In the end, the OtherWisz team delivered, the client was happy and many Western New York's proclaimed, that they "GOT SHOT' by a trained INC nurse this flu season.