Monday, December 31, 2007

Somethin to Du

I wanted to post this weeks ago, but I forgot all about it until local photog Doug Levere emailed me yesterday about his blog. Doug organizes the Ad Club's Night of 1000 Images every year and I had submitted four photos for the event last month. A bunch of local photogs, graphic artists, etc. submit up to 5 snapshots and the images are projected on a big screen while a party swirls around it. Anyway here is a look at the 4 snapshots I submitted to the event.

Check them out here (click on each photos to advance to the next one- there are 4 total).

These were taken in late November (pre-snow). It was a cold, but sunny morning and I decided to capture some still life images in our backyard. I am no-professional paparazzi, but I can grab a decent snapshot every now and then. I try not to play with the images too much in Photoshop and just let the natural color appear 'as is'. This particular sunny morning, the light did an awesome job of livening up some otherwisz sedate settings. This was a cold day, but the photos do have a certain warmth, don't you think.

Happy new year to all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Get Busy

Well I got all I wanted for the holiday, plus a bunch of new design books... not to mention a subscription to The Hockey News!!

As Winter starts to really blow in, we have a lot to look forward to in the Winter 'hunker down' months and the "soon-to-be-upon-us" New Year including:

10) Time to read.
I also received the Replacements oral history book "All Over But The Shouting" by Jim Walsh (who's is NOT Brandon and Brenda's dad.. at least I don't think so...). Rock and design research!

09) Sledding.
The kids got a purple, plastic toboggan from Santa. In my world of princesses, baby dolls and ballet-a little thrill ride down the slope is in order.

08) Better mix CDs.
Santa gave me a Sony CD burner to attached to the DJ system for some live to mix vinyl translation. All those old house music records will again see the light of day. Get Busy, Mr. Lee.

07) No more trips to (and then waiting in line at) the post office.
Man, I have been to the post office too many times in the past few weeks to mail out-of-town gifts, to buy stamps, to mail postcards, to drop off T-shirts that were ordered for the holidays...

06) Saturday Night's Hockey Night in Canada.
Nothing says winter in Buffalo better than HNIC, Ron and Don, especially with the upcoming Hockey Day in Canada (mentioned previously). The passing of the first of the year only means the Stanley Cup playoffs are a mere 4 months away!

05) Snow Days.
City closing blizzards that keep everyone cozy at home watching movies and drinking hot chocolate or tea. Of course, having your own business, located conveniently on the same property, means no snow-days off from work!

04) Trip to Florida (perhaps...)
The kids are itching to see their grandparents and friends in the strip mall capitol of the US, the US's own boot, 'shorts-with-parkas' territory- Florida. We'll see about that one.

03) Fresh Snowfall.
I love a fresh snowfall that conveniently covers the dirt and grime of the city overnight. Though the beauty usually only lasts until the plows go by and undercover the filth, but for that brief moment in time when all is white- it is so nice.

02) Silence.
The city fabric comes with its own set of sounds, sometimes disturbing- boomin' car stereos, partying kids across the street in the frat-house apartment, drunken people wandering up and down the street yelling for no good reason at a no good hour. The cold weather makes the crazies retreat indoors and with the windows shut tight- you just can't hear the ones that are still out there. BONUS BEATS- No More 24 hours of xmas tunes!

01) Ice Bowl (Winter Classic)-Hockey Outdoors!!
Pond hockey gone big time- though I will be watching in the comfort of my home and not outside like the some 80,000 maniacs, but with the home team playing outdoors, firends and family over, Sabres on a hot streak (6 wins in a row), all hockey eyes on Bflo... it doesn't get any better that this! Go Sabs! What a way to start the new year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Billion Dollar Babies

Behind The Typeface- Cooper Black

A humorous, yet historically accurate homage to the life and times of a much-maligned font, 1922's Cooper Black.

Simply, friendly, yet bold. Loved by Hobo- rivaled by the stronger Futura Black.

The history of Cooper Black includes many ups and downs- from the low points (patent denied, patent registered, patent taken away) to the highlights (the rebirth on the cover of the Beach Boys 1966's Pet Sounds LP).

So sit back and enjoy this installment of Cheshire Dave’s Behind The Typeface- Cooper Black. Don't hate him because he is the Garfield logo, remember he is also the Archie's logo!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Every (snow)day is Like Sunday

Thanks to the folks that dropped by for the party this weekend.
Much appreciated.

Santa Conquers the Martians. It has begun to snow (and they say, it's going to keep on snowing for a day or so). Time to buckle down with 10-days to go to the holiday landing at our house. Out-of-town presents to go in the mail and that inevitable trip to the big wine store in Kenmore.

We got the tree up, so we can go on "holiday lights only" mode. The snow gives the holidays the real "holiday" feel. Until you have to try and drive somewhere. I have made many a blizzard road trip for emergency provisions and the not so emergency ones (we once drove out to Niagara Falls Blvd. to pick up a TV- I know, shame us..Blizzard of Dec. 95 I think?). The 4-wheel drive is really a necessity around these parts. J. has to take a early run in the morning to the market for lime juice and Heresey (I meant it that way, ed.) Kisses- the cookie making machine is behind schedule! Snow will not stop her.

We might get snowed in for a day but Sunday's an official hunker down day already... and Sunday's the bigger paper (barely, we might need the NYTimes on a Sunday like this) and we got a new HOW and a new PRINT- we worked pretty hard over the last few days, weeks, months, year.... and j. just wants to make cookies anyways.

There is something about back-to-back Sabres wins and the just started 3rd period (of the second game-- west coast hockey: Canucks vs. Oilers-- on Hockey Night in Canada--not to be confused with Hockey DAY in Canada) make it realy feel like winter.

Talk to you on Monday.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Right Profile

Buffalo Rising's Laura Sargent does a Q & A with me about our W2R Open House Holiday Sale! She asks about designing Tees and some of our other buffalo-based cleints. I attempted to sound witty and smart... well, I tried anyways...

Very cool, read it here.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

D.A.N.C.E. to The Music

I ran across this awesome video and I had to post it. This is a mix of almost everything I love, all rolled into one musical experience.

This video for French band Justice includes:
> groovy French Synth dance pop
> t-shirts
> graphic design, by the boatloads
> kids spelling
> colors on black and white

J. has told me this video for "d.a.n.c.e." is old news, but I am gonna post it anyways:

And if you think that is cool, see their performance on Jimmy Kimbel Live where a "band" performs it dressed as Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Rick James and I believe, Rod Stewart?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh! You Pretty Things!

Shameless Self Promotion-

Join us for the Where To Roam Holiday Sale & Open House this weekend!

Friday, Dec. 14th - noon-8pm
Saturday, Dec 15th - noon-5pm

Music • Shirts • Snacks & Holiday Cheer • Scarves • Conversations About Design & Popular Culture • Hoodies • Christmas Movies & more.....

Come visit the design studio & meet the graphic design (us) team behind the popular W2R clothing line & save 10% on all items. Great gifts for the Buffalo-lovers on your list!


Visit the W2R website for details

Hope to see you here!
mark + jill

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All The Pictures On The Wall

Cool Event Alert:
Night of 1000 Images and (Advertising Club of Buffalo) Holiday Party
Thursday, Dec 6th
6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
(Sabres play late this night!)
Keystone Film Productions
825 Main Street, Buffalo

Join the local graphic artists, marketing folks, web dudes & dudettes, writers, illustrators and all around design geeks (that is I) for this second annual event-- which is a cool mix of 'party' and digital 'photography' show. ACB members submit up to 5 digital photos that are shown on a wall via projector. The event features food, beer, wine, conversation and cool DJ music provided by Scott and I.

Members are FREE and guests are only $10.00 at the door (that includes the refreshments). The festivities will benefit Toys For Tots of WNY, so be sure to bring a toy for the area’s deserving young children.

For more info Check out the website of deja blu or ACB.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hitsville U.K.

My poster for the Strummer benefit (read all about it below this post) is featured on the official Strummerville website.

They used our poster graphic as the link for the "Benefit Gigs" section, under Latest News on the home page. Very cool, check it out!

To think, Mick Jones could be looking at my poster right now! I hope he like it...