Monday, November 3, 2008

Since I've Been Loving You

Postcards From Our Past (part 2)- this space for message

Here are some more really great old Buffalo postcards (1st batch posted here) which are very graphically pleasing. This collection of six images represent some of Buffalo's lost treasures including the Chippewa Market (dated 1910) and the D.S. Morgan Building which has two businesses located in its lower level, one being a turkish bath, baby!

The aerial view of downtown features a great view of the waterfront with the Aud in the center and the Statler Hotel postcard includes the hotel and it's garage and notes it has "1100 rooms with bath and radio reception." Handy.

Last note, the Ruins of the Seneca Building is dated 1909 and seems like a strange image for a postcard, a building being destroyed? Very Buffalo though, if you think about it.

Seneca Building ruins- please explain...?

Rand Building shooting death rays to fight nazis, apparently.

Hotel Statler with a really nice parking facility.

Chippewa (meat) Market without 3rd Room

Cool Downtown (must be 30s with Aud).

DS Morgan Building- anyone know where this was (is)?


Rick Barrett said...

I collect old postcards of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and really loved seeing these. The bottom one of The Morgan Building struck quite a chord, as my family used to own that building. When I saw it I emailed my Dad (who is 81) and he provided more background for us. Here is his reply; "Grandpa" is my grandfather (my Dad's Dad), the late Nelson W. Barrett a prominent WNY real estate developer who lived until 1972:

"The Morgan Building postcard is an old one; we inherited quite a few from the previous owners when Grandpa & partners bought the building. It stood at the corner of Pearl & Niagara Streets; they intersected at an angle...hence the non-rectilinear shape of the building. The observation tower structure at the top I believe was part of the original building when it was built in 1893; it was removed in the early part of the building's life...I'm not sure just may have been a tourist draw during the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. D.S. Morgan was a farm inventor on the order of Cyrus McCormick; I believe Morgan's achievements lay in the improvement of reapers. He apparently acquired enough wealth to erect a substantial building in the up & coming City of Buffalo by 1893. I believe he manufactured his products in Niagara or Orleans Counties or that vicinity. Grandpa & partners sold the Morgan Building to Erie county in late '63 and the Rath Building now stands in the block which formerly included the Morgan Building. If you want to hear more we can dedicate a day or two to the subject sometime."

Thank you for sharing the postcards; I enjoyed seeing them, and my Dad really lit up when I told him about them. Somewhere I think I have a small black and white pinback button of The Morgan Building, which is at least 50 years old.

All the Best,
Rick Barrett

mark said...


It was great to here the reminiscing about the Morgan building. That is quite some history, I have a few more on loan from a friend that I was going to post later in the week, so check back. Thanks for taking the time to pass on this info.