Tuesday, June 9, 2009


T-Shirt Of The Week #13: PRINT Magazine
Yellow and red art on black tee

This is my weekly feature on a favorite t-shirt that I own, number thirteen. This one tells the story about being a graphic artist. Four of the little artist dude in the circles are stressing out: scratching his head, sitting and worrying, crying his eyes out and placing a gun to his head surrounded by crumpled paper- bad ideas, perhaps? The fifth dude is jumping for joy and tossing money... Is this not the true tale of the artist?... 80% struggle, pain, suffering, 10% satisfaction.

This was a free shirt I got when I renewing a subscription to PRINT magazine ages ago. The artist is none other than Mr. Chris Ware, creator of the amazing ACME Novelty Library comic book series**. I always loved the tale it tells without words- it is open to interpretation don't cha know.... I have felt like this guy for most of last week and I am waiting for the 'jumping in the air with money' day... will it be tomorrow..? I am hoping.

** Thanks to Paulk in hotlanta for filling in the artist for me... I knew the work, but didn't know his name... so stoopeed of me.

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