Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walkin' Up The Road

Smashing Magazine has compiled a nice online collection of retro signage pulled from Flikr and various other sources. Though most are the 'neons' from yesteryear that you might expect to see, there are few painted walls and wooden-type signs which are very cool. Included in this online compilation is Buffalo's own Parkside Candies and one from Greg Meadows (who shoots a lot of Buffalo urban images). I just drove past the Parkside Candies building on Main Street in the University District and though it is still open, it is looking pretty rough.

One of my favorites is the Chandler Liquors with it's flaming comet circling the 1950's script and boxed in characters from an Arizona liquor store and the Route 66 original Shell sign which is still colored in the same branded yellow and red they use today (though probably different Pantone colors). When everything has gone plastic and digital, these original designs serve still to inspire. Take a look at the link below.

>> Click here to check it out.

NOTE: Though my posting has slowed down it has been for good reasons- holidays and very busy work days. I hope to get back in the groove and keep this thing going stronger. By the way, this is POST #300 ! ! !

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