Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heavy Metal Drummer


A live Wilco webcast, as I write this (Wednesday, Feb 20 11:12PM), has kept me in the office later that I wanted to be here tonight. They are playing the Riviera Theatre in their hometown Chicago, Illinois. After playing a bunch of cool rock songs like "Heavy Metal Drummer" and J.'s favorite song from the new LP- they are playing music, by what I can only guess, is from outerspace with violins over spooky sounds, audience cheers and a light static crackle. It has left me a little hypnotized after too much typing at the monitor....

As I was spacing myself out here, this bazooka joe comic caught my eye. It is bazooka joe and Picasso hanging out. Since I have had this little comic laying around for many, many years, is kinda worn away. Picasso is saying to bazooka joe, "I paint and paint and yet my works seems to get worse." Well.... I won't ruin the joke for ya.

I have this comic under my work desk blotter which is covered in all sorts of stuff, a collage of the brain, including:

  • comics
  • photos
  • cards
  • ads
  • magazine clippings
  • ticket stubs (a UB Springfest stub for $10 featuring Moxy Fruvus, Black Sheep and the Tragically Hip. Yes, this was the infamous sneaker to Gord's head a Lalapalooza no. 1 stub from the CFNY/Molson CNE, I think it was, only $33.05).
  • flyers
  • invites (Check Your Head Artfest party 1992)
  • postcards (including the black panther party, the Slack magazine summer watermelon girl cover photo, a mermaid avenue 2 promo card, etc.)
  • a Buckminster Fuller stamp
  • a 2$ bill
  • a stat of the Sign of The Times masthead
  • stickers (aleady stuck)
  • a vintage Crystal Beach ad
  • a poloroid on my friend Chris with a painted-on goatee
  • phone numbers
  • assorted pictures of sid, hunter, elvis, hmmmmmm, I just realized they are all dead...
  • hockey cards
... and the list goes on, but the webcast is over and this is getting a little a-retentive.....

>> click on comic for larger view, eh?

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