Monday, January 31, 2011

We Are The Champions!

We have just been informed that the Boston Valley Terra Cotta Sample Box we designed last Fall has won a place in the 2011 American Package Design Awards! Sponsored by Graphic Design USA magazine, the competition highlights excellence in USA-designed packaging. We are part of the 15% of winners chosen from the over 1,500 entries submitted from all over the country.

The winning sample box design will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine and available online as well.

Here is what the OtherWisz Creative website says about this project:
"The product packaging created for Boston Valley Terra Cotta replaces an existing color sample board of terra cotta chips glued to a large and heavy masonite board.  OtherWisz Creative designed a custom, compact box to showcase the company's color line. Made with recycled cardboard and modifiable inserts, we developed an affordable and flexible way for Boston Valley to ship and showcase both color chips and project-specific product samples.  Wrapping the packaging with full-color illustrative photographs, the Boston Valley Terra Cotta Sample Set is an architect's resource to the company product line."

Good job OtherWisz Creative team (Dan, Jill, Mark)! and the guys at Hawver (box manufacturers)!  
Above, rockin' box photo by Joe Cascio.


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Nice work. Congratulations!