Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easy Life

It is 1990. Imagine a morning commute that's a 10-second stroll from your breakfast table to your own home office… Being your own boss, making more money, having a flexible schedule  How you may ask? The 'computer' I am telling you! Do terms like "high-quality publications," "special effects," and "visually appealing, multipage documents" excite you? If so, then the world of desktop publishing is for you!

I discovered an ad in a 1990 Home Office Computing magazine that explains how by ordering a free catalog from the NRI School of Home-Based business an ordinary layout artist could be transformed into a desktop publisher! Wow. If I would have known it was that easy back in 1990, I wouldn't have waited 10 years to start my own business. 

See this quote from the ad:
"With a firm foundation in traditional design and layout, you're ready to make the leap to contemporary publishing methods using the IBM-compatible computer, desktop publishing software, mouse, and printer included in your course."
I am glad I joined the exciting world of the 'publishing revolution' to get where I am today… but if I would have seen this ad back in 1990…. hmmmmmmmm, what if?

Click below for large version of this ad. Print and save.

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