Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everyday I Write The Book

We are pleased to announce some more kudos for the OtherWisz Creative team! Yeah! We have been informed by the fine folks at Rockport Publishing that our work has been selected for inclusion in "Typography and Enclosures," the fourth book in the LogoLounge Master Library series. Getting published is very exciting and a fine 'feather in the cap' of the awesome creative team here at OW headquarters.

The logo designed for the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum has been used to brand this non-profit collection of Buffalo Sabres memorabilia and has appeared on signage, stationary, apparel, the website and blog and in our 40th Anniversary display that is currently in HSBC Arena.

The logo features manipulated type that was skated over with vector skate hack marks.  A plus sign replaces the ampersand to reflect the faceoff circle of a hockey rink.  With matching Sabres' vintage gold and blue, the logo has become a recognizable brand for this collection of awesome hockey memories!

For more info:

> Feature on the OtherWisz website, click OW web.

> Main Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum website at BleedForTheBlueandGold.com

> The Bleed For The Blue and Gold blog for the latest museum updates.

> And, for those of you that missed it, photos of the 40th Anniversary Sabres Display.

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