Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indian Summer

Music. Food. Patio is OPEN. All are welcome by the Friends of SLACK! Summer Rules!
Ad for the Summer Solstice Slack Cocktail Party, Tuesday,
June 21st, 1994 at the Third Room.

Slack issue #10- Summer Fun Issue
June 1994 (published 06.04.94)

I am going to see Riders On The Storm tomorrow night- they are senior citizens Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger pretending they are still The Doors. My philosophy is that 1/2 the Doors is better that none, eh? I know both Ray and Robby still have chops, who needs John Densmore- he's bitter anyways, and well, Jim is dead (or so they say). Nothing like 1/2 a band from the 1960s on a warm summer night in Lockport to say "summer!" (update: looks like 'Riders on the Storm' rain for tonight!)

I think the fact that the last Slack posting was a little lame (the issue I mean, not the post) that I felt obliged to make up with a really great issue of Slack. Oh, and I have with this PDF of Slack no. 10 the Summer Fun issue.

This is a super issue. Following that lame Goes to the Movies issue, Slack really picked up speed with the next 2 which were the infamous Beer issue and the fan favorite Dead Rock Star issue (already posted). Issue number 10 has all the good stuff the kids learned to love about Slack: biting commentary, top ten lists, Dre's After Dark (the Buffalo nightlife column), Bitter Boy in fine form and the serial comic Slacker in Space (already a few issues old).

The cover was eye catching with the Summer Mellon Girl and had an endorsement from Lori Githens of the Buffalo News: "Slack, this area's funniest, most creative 'zine..." they used to love us (more on that later). Summer in Buffalo is always great and this was 1994-- the year the Beastie Boys released their fourth CD, Ill Communication (1,2, oh my god!) which went on to be the soundtrack for that summer and a classic for sure.

The main article titled Top Slack Summer Activities included a lot of beer drinking and makes fun of the Allentown Artfest. 14 years later and it still the same crap-fest, unbelievable...

The Top Slack Summer Activities (1994):

  1. Road Trips & Cruising (I don't think I meant that cruising......)
  2. Tanning & Sweating
  3. BBQs
  4. Weddings a.k.a. open bar
  5. Boating & Floating
  6. Camping
  7. Watching Re-Runs on TV
  8. Artfest (see above)
  9. Outdoor Rock Shows (whooooooooooo... whooooooo!!!)
  10. Drinking Beers Outdoors
Combine any of the above for the ultimate SLACK summer experience.. or so it says....

Now if only I could take back the really bad kerned apostrophe 's' on the cover, I would feel complete about this issue.

Download PDF here: Slack Magazine n. 10, Summer Fun Issue (4.4 mg)

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a review of Slack issue 4 in Night-Life Magazine's written by friend Kevin Hosey.
Click below for larger view.. read it, he didn't like the Horrorscopes. March 28, 1994!


Anonymous said...

RE: Artical Criticle of Brad Maione - Please provide address of review so that I may switch his sugar bowl and salt shaker. I will make him rue the day he mocked me and my fine writings-

It still hurts all these years later....

mark said...

Everyone didn't get it back in the day... hey, I was confused myself sometimes.

Don't sweat it-- it was an acquired taste and lot of folks loved it!

-- mark