Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stoned and Dethroned

Not lively; sluggish.
Not busy or active.
Not taut or firm; loose.
A period of little activity; lull.
Trousers or casual wear.

He who possess slack, shall rule the world.

Slack issue #12- The (1 year) Anniversary Issue
Sept. 1994 (published 09.01.94)

I just saw the Steam Donkeys for probably the 300th time, man those guys are good. As I sat amongst the neighborhood folk in the grassy knoll of Bidwell Parkway enjoying the band I felt a sense of calm. Though the kids were running rampant, dancing, spinning and laughing and the music was really loud in the front- I was at peace. What a better way to spend a Summer August night- truly a slack experience. This was sure different than seeing them at the Club Utica circa 1994, that is for sure.

Slack no. 12 was the theme-less Anniversary Issue. One Year Strong as the cover proclaimed! This issue attempts to once again explain the theory of slack by outlining the history of slack and touching on the church of the sub-genius- purveyors of 'slack.' A no-theme issue found writer Eric Morse explaining "Fine Things I Appreciate in Life (no theme)" which included:

  • Comedy Central
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • James Ellroy
  • Elmwood Strip Post-Bar Food
  • CFNY
There are some 1994 nuggets for ya, huh?

This issue featured the second column by newcomer Raisin BlowMe, reviews of a Bootzilla record and Prince's Come ('his best release in years...' or so it says), an extended Dre's After Dark (which gives you a great snapshot of the Buffalo club and music scene circa Sept. 94), record review by 'The Scotster', a great Strick article called So Called Democracy in America & Why the Local Media Sucks Up, a tasteless DasBoot ad, and a piece about a band I don't remember at all, but I do remember it was an article by someone 'not in the Slack circle' so I published it to make the mag seem not so 'cliquey'... and it was written by a girl. Slack girl writers were scares in those days.

To really give you a look at 1994 music in Buffalo, here is Lance's (Tuesday, 3rd Room) Top Five DJ List. Ah Tuesday night in a bar, not a care in the world.
  1. Blast of the Universe- Bootsy Collins
  2. Classic- 1/2 Pint
  3. Whip Smart - Liz Phair
  4. File Under Easy Listening- Sugar
  5. Natural Ingredients- Luscious Jackson
Scanning, adjusting, layouting and PDF'ing 3 issues of Slack in 7 days (man...!) is not Slack, though I guess I always worked too hard to be a true slacker.
Ask Oprah!

Dre, where have you been. Please cease the media silence, eh?

Download PDF here: Slack Magazine n. 12, the Anniversary Issue (3.3 mg)

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