Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fire in the Hole

Today was the final prep day for tomorrow's installation of the Buffalo Sabres 40th Anniversary Exhibit (see info below).

The OtherWisz Creative rested this weekend and got back into it over the last few days. The rock band Nickelback was sound checking in the arena today and the noise was deafening, so it was really tough to hear or think straight. Hopefully it will be quiet tomorrow for the full install.

Tomorrow is 'the day'-- they drop the glass and we are offically done. I am sure there will be a few clean up things-- we have to finish the accompanying trophy cases, the Sabres need to install some wall graphics... but the main part will be done.

Here are a few snapshots from today.

Tough puck gluing day: they were sliding instead of sticking. We tried several glues and in the long run, I had to be less acrobatic with my puck stacking.

Jersey stand with placeholder marking.

Some of the completed descriptive signage.

ALL ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Come see the full exhibit commemorating 40 years of cool Buffalo Sabres hockey moments based on items from the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's permanent collection. It all goes on display at HSBC Arena for the first pre-season Sabres game and will be up all season, 2nd floor, on either side of the big center bar overlooking the entrance.

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BradM said...

Looks awesome! Congratulations