Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lonely End of The Rink

Oh, baby.... work continues on the installation of the Buffalo Sabres 40th Anniversary Exhibit (see info below). The OtherWisz Creative team spent three consecutive late nights working hard and we are getting close. Thursday will be a dress rehearsal of sorts as we will set it all up, photograph in and then break it down. The glass manufacturer made the glass for the cabinets wrong and it is finally going to be back in next Tuesday. It would be nice if we were building this in a locked museum room, but not so, this is the HSBC Arena and it is teaming with people with the start of pre-season only a week or so away. So we can put it up, but can't leave it up until the glass is in. This means carting valuable artifacts back and forth.

Tomorrow will give us a really good sense of it all with almost everything set up except the ID tags and a few other graphics.

These are some quick shots J. took including some AUD artifacts, Miller's Winter Classic mask and the 500 mass of pucks to commemorate Gilbert Perreault's 500th goal on March 9th, 1986 when he became the 12th guy in NHL history with 500.

ALL ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Come see the full exhibit commemorating 40 years of cool Buffalo Sabres hockey moments based on items from the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's permanent collection. It all goes on display at HSBC Arena for the first pre-season Sabres game and will be up all season, 2nd floor, on either side of the big center bar overlooking the entrance. To find out more, stay tuned!

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