Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We're Gonna Win That Cup

Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. That is all we have been thinking about as we continue to work on the design and installation of an exhibit highlighting 4o-years of Buffalo Sabres history that will be on display in HSBC arena for the entire 2010-11 hockey season. The items in the cases are on loan from the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum (click me) and it will feature a fantastic look at 40 years of Buffalo Sabres' hockey.

This is the largest scale project we have worked on here at OtherWisz Creative besides web projects. We started with the curating of the pieces and writing the story it tells you the viewer. Next came the design and layout of the two 108 x 80" display cabinets and five trophy cases. J. -- with an extensive background in trade shows and museum displays -- had a huge role in the design & layout. We also designed graphics, wrote the text, selected the photos used and are in the process of installing the background to the cases today.

Next week is the fun part- the installation of the displays. This will include setting up the mannequins for the jerseys, hanging banners, mounting photos and items and then placing the sticks and other pieces of Sabres history into the display.

Now I can safely say that I know more about hockey then I ever thought I would know as we have been immersed in this project over the last few months. I know all about the 1976 game vs. the Soviets, the All Star Game that took place in Buffalo in 1978, Hasek's 70 Save game in 1994 and much, much more.

I will post some photos as we progress further.

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