Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walk The Line

Today was a full install test run for the Buffalo Sabres 40th Anniversary Exhibit (see info below). Details, details!!

The OtherWisz Creative team spent all day with the help of the good Dr. Joe, the owner of the Buffalo Hockey Museum + Experience putting everything in it's place. And then taking it out. We hung graphics on the walls; some unframed as of yet, some placeholder print-outs. We mounted all the tickets, programs and other cool hockey things. We had all the jerseys in place. We kept piling on pucks, building a mound of 500. We hung hockey sticks from the top of the cases with 25# fishing line.

But then we took it all apart.... as the case glass won't be ready to drop until next week Wednesday. But for a few hours, the final cases were (almost) all together, and they looked super. I am very proud of my team. Tonight is a night finally for some sleep. Our graphics guy is getting married in two days and we all need to recharge some.

We now have a few days to finish some graphics. All the ID tags and the Ticket/Buffalo (more on that later) should be done tomorrow (right, Phil?...) and velcro will be attached, so it is ready to mount next week. A few things need to be framed and some additional graphics need to be designed. More to come, in the meantime enjoy these snapshots from today... with captions!

Dan assembles the Perreault 500-Puck Milestone commemorative mound of pucks (the second of our puck-tastic feature, see the other here).

Close-up of the first-year team autographed stick crossing with commemorative Wilkenson sword (1970) over "graphic to come".

Case 1 Crozier stuff.

Ruff nameplate in the Frank Cristie drawer from the Aud locker room.

Taro sticker (if you don't know look it up) & one of Bert's milestone goal marker.

Some 1975 Stanley Cup Finals things with Dave Shultz Wanted Poster.

Dr. Joe & Dan work on Case 2.

Memorial Auditorium stuff with stick hanging in place.

Commemoration 9/11 Boulton jersey and my arm hanging a stick.

ALL ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: Come see the full exhibit commemorating 40 years of cool Buffalo Sabres hockey moments based on items from the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's permanent collection. It all goes on display at HSBC Arena for the first pre-season Sabres game and will be up all season, 2nd floor, on either side of the big center bar overlooking the entrance. To find out more, stay tuned!

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