Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Check The Rhyme

Alright, back to a design posting.

Though I would like to post a different old school hip hop video every Wednesday to break up your work week with some funky grooves- but we'll see how dedicated I can be as Summer happens....

This is a great article from Dynamic Graphics magazine. I am not sure how much actual typography they teach in school these days- but the rules of fonts, faces, text and display still hold true. As this article states:

"The ability to successfully combine typefaces is clearly a valuable design skill.But with over 100,000 fonts to choose from, the task can seem daunting. The good news is that there are four basic rules for combining different typeface designs. Follow these and you are well on your way to successful typographic mixology."
4 Rules for Combining Typefaces by Allan Haley
Dynamic Graphics Magazine (February/March 2007)

click here to read it!

Allan's basic rules for combining different typefaces are:
  1. The family comes first
  2. Embrace diversity
  3. Combine similar proportions
  4. Limit combinations
  • Plus bonus beats: Don’t Combine Electronic Distortions!!! This is one of my biggest type-peeves of all times. You might say the computer is the GREATEST invention in setting type and the WORST invention in setting type. I am always learning and this is a great refresher course.

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