Friday, June 1, 2007

Kind Of Blue

déjà blü- the remix.

I have designed dozens of flyers, posters and postcards (a few here) for déjà blü- the DJ team of myself and Scotty. Scott as well, has designed a few. But for our next gig, a Happy Hour at the prestigious Burchfield-Penny Art Center, they had their designer put something together for the event. So it is really cool to see someone else reinterpret what I have been interpreting for over the last 10 years.

The postcard (linked below) was designed by Ann Casady- a wonderful designer, as well as past chair of the Design Department at Daemen College. She has since moved from Buffalo, but still does some design work for the Burchfield.

Not only do I feel honored to DJ at such a great venue-- this adds to our Gallery resume that includes several performances at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, CEPA and the big Spencer Tunick Event at the Central Train Terminal (photos here by Joe Cascio) a few years back-- but it makes me feel honored to see something so close to home reinterpreted and designed so well. I was ecstatic when I received this postcard in the mail- considering we usually have to do all our own promotions and graphics.

I like the balance of the 'deja' to the 'blu', the correct use of our unnecessary accent marks (for the record: option E 'A', option ` 'A', option U 'U'), the insertion of the "DJ" (though it should be 'DJs'- there are 2 of us), and the recreation of our signature blues. Simple, balanced, clean and pleasing.

The event is next Friday, June 8 from 5:30-7:30 at the Burchfield-Pennny Art Center. It is presented by the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative and is sponsored by the Buffalo Spree. Admission is only $10 and, of course, Scott and I will be floatin' the smooth grooves for your aural pleasure.

Hope to see you there- see postcard by clicking here.

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Joe said...

The event is FREE for members of the Burchfield Penney or the WNYBAC. Another good reason to support culturals in parties