Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Concrete Jungle

The Return of the Product.

Scotty and I return to DJ once again!

This being the 10th anniversary year of the birth of déjà blü (gigography here). We started way back spinning records on the left hand corner of the bar at the Kingsnake Lounge on Chippewa on a Tuesday night in November 1997. Damn!- see some old photos here.

Back then, there was little to no DJ music being played anywhere in Bflo. on a weeknight that wasn't rock at the Old Pink or some 'boom-chick-a-boom' club thingy. We were playing what was called trip hop, acid jazz, abstrakt hiphop and drum + bass.

This special event is gonna be a real mover- a Saturday nite on the patio of the Pearl Street. The admission (and the sunset)-- free! We are spinning all kinds of good grooves from 8 PM until Midnight.. its an early evening casbah and an excellent way to start your Saturday night on the first weekend of Sept.... Damn, the summer is fast, eh? Whoooosh....

I know I am always going on and on about the similarities between DJing and graphic design- the cut and paste aesthetic that makes it all so unique as we appropriate other ideas into something new. Come on down and witness it in action for yourselves....

The event is titled Concrete Skyline, as we are DJing outdoors in this wonderfully urban setting that is the Pearl Street patio... and if you look really closely, you can still see a sliver of the lake between all the steel and concrete. This is the inaugural event of the new Land of the Lost DJ Sessions (more info to come on this one).

Clcik here for more details and to see the groovy poster.

Some of the rejected names (for your amusement) from the design/development process of the Concrete Skyline poster:

Final Movement 07

Fire in The Kingdom

Aging Rebel DJ Party

Original Sin Saturday

Summer Regrets

Beats + Pieces

Saturday City Lounge

The Happening

Future Bitter Memories

Hope to see you there- September One!

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