Friday, March 21, 2008

Neon Bible

Tommy, can you hear me?

I love book design, love packaging design. Here is an article in about some really innovative and just-plain-cool book designs. In each case, the designer has interacted with the subject matter. The subject mater has driven the design solution.

I really like the book of photos that were buried and then un-earthed with dirt and decay and the AGI: New Voice, which was bound with a synthetic ear (see images at the right). This will stand out on the book shelf! Huh? I also like the All Men Are Brothers, a project that features interviews and the work of 108 leading contemporary graphic designers.

This article references a new book about books called Book-Art: Innovation in Book Design by Charlotte River available from RotoVison. Some of the books are great, some are not.

Very cool- check it out the article here

BONUS BEATS (for Good Friday): The cool Neon Bible video by Arcade Fire. They play the song in an elevator complete with ripping pages sound effects!
Click here for You Tube video.

After 10 hours of straight sleep, I have overcome the burnout; I live to design once again... at least until the Sabs take on the Leafs tonight, eh? Then I'll have to take a break.

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