Saturday, August 23, 2008

Innoculated City

Once you get there it is great!

What it is-- the planning, the packing, the truck loading up and the eventual traveling-- is the hard part. As we approach the eve of another camping trip to beautiful Angelica New York (the town where history lives), I have come to realize the love, some have, for luxury hotels. Just bring your clothes, everything else is already there...

But of course the adventure is lost in possibly forgetting the condiments, or your boots and (possible) rain gear, or misjudging the temperature (while I am mentioning Mother Nature's hand in all this), or even forgetting the super-cool marshmallow sticks that manually spin. But you would think after doing this for 10-15 years, hell in fact my whole life going back to when I was a kid, I would have this planning/packing part down pat. We have developed a master list (see link below) that has everything we bring (and then some) to use as a guide. Just check it off the list when it gets gathered and moved to the 'to pack' area of the house... the problem lies and maybe forgetting in the transition from the house to the car after it has already been checked of the list.

Then there is the leaving the office thing. Now I know the employees can take care of everything and I will have phone and (hopefully again) email access to keep tabs on things... you didn't think I was going to go camping without my computer did you (remember last time)?

It is always nice to get out of the city, shower less, drink a lot of beer, make campfires, play cards, BBQ all the time (except breakfast), hike, hike and hike, pie iron pies and pizzas, marshmallows and smores, hike some more...See you in the wilds of Angelica!

The Master Camping List
(PDF 32k) - you may need this some day!

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