Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steppin' To The AM

I know I am stuck on the past, but if I don't preserve the memories... who will? I think I may have found the 1st logo I had ever designed that was actually used by someone. Now this doesn't count graphics for school projects, friends bands, etc. This is a real logo!

This logo was for the 10th annual Buffalo State Dance Marathon- what, don't they do dance marathons anymore? This was designed probably around 1985 and was used on posters, ads (Buff State Record, baby!) and signage. I remember it was drawn by hand, probably at 200%, and colored in with a black ripideograph ink pen. The text was press type I meticulously set on the curve (no attached to path in those days).... Then it was shot down on a stat camera (by Dave Meinzer, the Buff State design maven & local singer songwriter) and touched up. This version was the final art stat I just ran across in the giant flat file of stuff.

Man, I remember being psyched about this getting used. Of course I didn't get paid, it was the thrill of seeing my artwork become a real logo so early in my career. It was so early, in fact, I had no career at the time.

What time is it? Nine o' clock, or half past the hustle! Ha! So young.....


Pharaoh said...

I think my band, Camel Head, (formerly Dance & Dining), played that gig. I don't know that it was exactly 1985, but we did a Buf State Dance Marathon around that time.

mark said...

That is cool! Are there any Camel Head recordings around? How about Dance & Dining?