Thursday, October 23, 2008

My, My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)

You pay for this, but they give you that
Once you're gone, you can't come back
-- Mr. Young

My friends are nice. They happen to also be music-o-philes, like myself... most of them anyway. So when I go to their homes, I am always drawn to the the LPs or the CD collections, scanning what they got. They usually put up with my rude behavior, as well as the fact that I always assume they are going to let me borrow whatever I want from their collections. It's like being at the record store and not having to pay. Or the library, but less alphabetized. You can't go to the shelf of a digital music collection and scan the shelves, flip through the 45s or LPs, or pull them out and look at the artwork. It is a lot harder to scan for borrowing on the computer.

Anyway, here is what I borrowed from my neighbor Nate (see list below) and I will have to return them soon since a lot of them belong to his wife. It's a mixed bag of CDs-- since I am getting ready for upcoming holidays, I would say it's a cornucopia of tunes!

This is our NEW office listening list for Thursday and Friday (click on graphic to see our 'CD borrowing-promise to return contract'). I can put all the over-listened CDs away for now, we got fresh (old) CDs to listen to today. I have many of these titles on either cassette or vinyl record. Some are new to me (at least the Ritchie Havens). We got old rock (Neil), Prince, more rock, and more rock, Let it Bleed Stones! and Sugarhill Gang... Yeah!

If you call us, listen closely, you will definitely hear one of the above CDs in the background.
I'll turn it down.

BONUS BEATS: r.i.p. to the late, great Rudy Ray Moore, Mr. Dolomite who passed away a few days ago. Goodbye Petey Wheatstraw, keep rhyming!


Pharaoh said...

Kelli just called me after seeing this, she want's her cd's back. Just kidding. She did call when she saw this though.

KJay said...

Mark, you're welcome to anything in my cd collection. I'm just surprised I actually had something you were interested in!

mark said...

I am only 1/2 way through the CD rack.. I am sure there is more for me to borrow.

Thanks! I love all music.