Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sign of the (New York) Times

Can you make my logo bigger?
This is probably the least popular question us graphic artists hear all time... it is a running joke amongst many.

Well sometimes bigger is better. How about a logo set in 10,116 point type! Is that big enough for ya, huh? Pentagram designed signage for the the New York Times office on Eighth Avenue and the logo is big, not just big, but freakin' huge! 110 foot long and yes I did say, the point size is listed as 10,116 point Fraktur type. Man, I will I could get a giant logo job!

The logo is actually broken up into over 900 smaller pieces. Each letter in the Times logo was rasterized then cut into narrow horizontal strips that range in numbers from 26 (the i in “Times”) to 161 (the Y in “York”). The signage won a segd (Society for Environmental Graphic Design) award. Check it out here on the awards site. Read about it in great detail at the Pentagram website- here!

But... can they make it bigger....if the client asked them?

BONUS BEATS: The Make the Logo Bigger Rock Song. Thanks, Paul.

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