Monday, October 20, 2008

Reckless Life

Keep in touch with mama kin
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12:20 AM- This is Post #200.
I just finished the last of the cleaning- the top off, the floor mopping. Now we are spic-n-span in the downstairs part of the office space, tomorrow the upstairs. Hang some art! Yeah! So I am reviewing some paperwork while the floor dries. Such is the life- pretty glamorous, this graphic design world- we all least tonight, it ain't!....

I have been listening to a lot of G-n-R lately, as I am on the tail end of the Slash bio and kinda wish I was done with it already. The story goes: everyone hates you when you're a junkie but loves you when you are a hard partying drunk except Axl's an asshole most of the time to most people, often his audiences. Booooo. I passed up the Ron Wood bio for this? What was I thinking. Wrong turn in the bio section of the 'ol Crane Library. Shoot.

Time to crash. Rock on. Live?!*@ Like a Suicide.

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