Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone

I have been sucked into this Facebook-thing and have been fascinated by the glimpse people offer into their lives. The transparency of it it all is interesting-- people have this tendency to bear a bit of themselves online as opposed to speaking in person and telling you things. I think they will write bits about themselves hiding behind their computer screen that they would not tell you face-to-face.

There is also a tendency to group things in list (25 Things You May Not Know About Me, etc), which I have always been a fan of. I have been writing things in top ten list as long as Dave Letterman and enjoy trying to encapsulate things into 'tens' or 'elevens' (I like the extra one, throws it off a bit).

So in that vein, here are the:
Top Ten Bands/Artists That Have Influenced My Life
And Made Me Who I Am - For Better Or For Worse
& In No Particular Order:

  • The Doors
  • Prince
  • The Smiths
  • The Replacements
  • The Clash
  • Paul Weller
  • New Order
  • Beastie Boys
  • Public Enemy
  • James Brown
Open for discussion and comment...

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Jason Gusmann said...

facebook is very, very weird. i don't like sharing anything more than the most shallow stuff about us because it makes me feel crazy inside.