Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Me Two Times

T-Shirt Of The Week (#1):
I have a lot of favorite t-shirts. They see a lot more action in the Summer months, but they occasionally appear during the Winter months with a long sleeve thermal or (self) mock(ing)-tee underneath. I had some cool old shirts packed up in the attic which I had ran across last Summer and re-introduced them into my wardrobe. Some were old and ratty and became painting tees or gym tees. When I found the old tees, I remembered how great they were at one time, how loved they were, how many of them got worn to death, to the state they are in now.

So in an effort to preserve them as they are, I am going to start this new blog feature- The T-Shirt of The Week post. Before they get destroyed, I am going to immortalize them here. Years down the line, I'll be able to look back and reflect, remember and shed a tear for these long lost Tees.

T-Shirt Of The Week: Black Home Of The Hits Tee

I bought this tee on the last day this beloved Elmwood Avenue record store was open. I needed some souvenir before the joint was shuttered so I took a quick trip out, scanned the leftover records and came up with this shirt. Now I was never sure who did the now famous HOTH logo, but I am sure some of you faithful readers (and possibly old HOTH workers) might know who the artist was and can share the details here on the RoamBuffalo blog.

With the classic white art on the back tee, the logo is familiar to anyone who has entered the Elmwood Strip where it starts at Forest Ave. A rocking home with a record above the door and a music note escaping from the front. The logo, I believe, is set in P22's Daddy-O font.

I wear this shirt proudly as a former shopper of this now-gone, but fondly remembered record store. The first record store I went to when I first started attending Buff State college. Ah the good old days..... the Tee is now a vintage classic!


Kevin J. Hosey said...

Very cool, Mark.

Jason Gusmann said...

brings a tear to the gimlet eye, it does.