Monday, February 23, 2009

The Last Days of Our Aquaintance

T-Shirt Of The Week #2: Iroquois Brewery Red Logo Art on Black Tee

This is my weekly feature on a favorite t-shirt that i own, number two.... I bought this tee at the stuff stand that is in the middle of the Broadway Market. They sell all kinds of cool things, Buffalo items, polish-pride gear, trinkets, collectibles, whatnot and whose-i-whistles. I bought one for my Dad and one for myself, the black version. His was a dark blue on a cream- which was a cool color combo as well.

I have to say this is my newest of my current favorite t-shirts. The dark red (I'll try and match the Pantone for you, hold on.... #1795 is my best guess) looks great on the dark, black shirt. The tee is pretty fresh, so it's still all new and crisp, not really worn in yet.

When I was a kid, we used to have two medallion-type wall hangings of this same Iroquois logo on the wall by my Dad's basement bar. And for those of you not from the Bflo-area this was a Buffalo brewery, opened in some form or another sometime around 1830 or 1842 (depending who you ask) and lasted until some form until the '70s. It was located on Hickory and Pratt streets on the Eastside and lasted as Buffalo's final, old-timey brewery to outlive Simon Pure and all the others. I used to have a beer can collection when I was a kid and the only 'cone top' I had was the pride of my collection-- an Iroquois (something like this one, but not as good shape). So not to 'geek-out' there too much, but always loved this logo- it looks like it was carved out of wood.

So I like this new tee a lot, it's a great piece of Buffalo nostalgia and my youth.

> Iroquois beer song songs the Forgotten Bufalo website (sing along).
> Flying Bison, a good Bflo brewery from now/today.

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