Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take My Hand

29 Rules for young designers to live by was developed by Troy, NY designer Doug Bartow.  Mentioned in today's edition of the HOW Blog, this poster has quite a few philosophies that us old-guy designers preach constantly. With a nice balance of design and content, this should be on all our young-designers Xmas list.

A few of my fav that I preach constantly are: 'Say No to Spec Work', 'Don't Fear Type' and 'Content is Still King'.  Here is the complete list from the poster, thanks Doug:
01. Sweat
02. Play Nice
03. Don't Fear Type
04. Define Your Audience
05. Br Yourself
06. Learn to Say No
07. Collect & Share
08. Be a Design Author
09. Build Your Book
10. Clan Up Your Act
11. Re:Search
12. Observe Trends
13. Defend Yourself
14. Paper Matters
15. Content is Still King
16. Reject Personal Style
17. Say No to Spec Work
18. Become Indispensable
19. Join AIGA
20. Build
21. Seek Criticism
22. Never Compromise
23. Know Your History
24. Value Your Work
25. Make Mistakes
26. Keep a Sketchbook
27. Your MAC is a Tool
28. Respect
29. Teach Others

 The only think I must note that this poster is getting printed on a 100% recycled paper, Mohawk Loop. We are currently using this same paper for a book cover and it has been a nightmare to print on.  It is so soft, being 100% recycled, that the bits of the paper have lifted off on press, leaving un-printed areas. I look forward to seeing this in it's final printed state.

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