Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm only happy when it rains...

My musical tastes are largely driven by M., as he is the short attention span dj with a large resource of cd's, and well, driving (of which I do the most in the family). Currently, the cd's in the vehicle's system do not strike my mood (although I like the Smiths, really, I do).

I am frequently drawn to the new Wilco release, 'Blue Sky Blue' a limited download that is coming to full release next month, I believe.

And blue it is. M. quickly switched off it saying it was a bit too 'morose' for him but I keep coming back for more.

I am not afraid of the grey skies. If I were, I would not live in Buffalo, where the grey makes me enjoy the sun all the more. If I were, I would move down to Florida with the rest of the sun chasers.

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