Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cars Hiss By My Window

It's a warm summer Sunday night with the rumble of coming rains that are needed but might not ever materialize (and didn't).

On the last minute we decided to sell W2R Tshirts at the Buffalo Old Home Week Brunch this afternoon. Last year we also attended the event and met a lot of great people and sold a few Ts. So we went again this year, since it was moved to Shanghi Reds on the waterfront (one of the OttherWisz team's new favs).

The Buffalo venders area was kind of a bust, light in the way of merchandise sales... BUT we had a great brunch and met a lot of really cool Buffalo folks-- so that was good. Jill and I met a nice artist who used draw Dennis the Menace for Hank Ketchum and I got to talk with the original Buffalo Tee guy Michael Morgulis. The girls and I took a long walk to the lighthouse and up it for a nice view of the lake.

I like selling shirts though. Did I mention, the food was good.

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