Monday, July 16, 2007

Make Up Your Mind

Thoughtless Acts- observations on intuitive design

This book by Jane Fulton Suri and the IDEO design group poses some interesting observations on design and how people react/act to it. It details the subtle and sometimes amusing ways in which people, without thinking adapt, use, reuse, respond to and exploit everyday objects.

Examples happening around me everyday include:

  • The bottle guys using shopping carts stolen from supermarkets to collect, transport and travel about the neighborhood (exploit, reuse).

  • Busted parking meters wrapped in a plastic Wegman's bag to signal to the parking meter cop that it is not working (signaling).

  • I use the boxes that Clementines are packaged in at the supermarket to hold CDs - they don't fit perfectly, but they work well enough (reuse, adapting).
This website link gives you a preview of the book and lets site visitors react and comment. You can submit their own observations (& upload photos) on acts performed-- often without thinking-- in relation to design! Very cool.

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