Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lookin' For a Place to Happen

Designed By Humans

A new t-shirt company based on artist's submitted designs has cropped up. Just like the model created by Skinney Corp with their Threadless, Designed By Humans lets you (the artist) submit a design for Tees that are voted on by people who log onto the site. It your design is chosen to get printed you pocket a cool cash prize of $5000!

They have just started, so it looks like they only have 9 or so submitted designs so far. You can submit designs, vote on them, comment on them by joining the DBH community. It is a really cool idea created by Threadless that has spawned a few imitators.

I like the Tees designs by DamageCult, very cool. Check it out. The DBH logo is also similar to the OtherWisz icons (Clients section) we have been using for years.

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