Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bat Dance

Why? It's Christmas dammit!

While preparing slides for our Pecha Kucha (during Typecon) presentation on Tuesday, I ran across some early artwork and old designs. I went waaaaaay back into the archives to unearth quite a view vintage, old school graphics. This flyer was made before I became Wizard Graphics and is just attributed to "M.W."

This flyer was designed for a party thrown at my 1st apartment after I moved out of my parents house. Constructed by hand in 1987 (3 years into college at this point), this flyer was passed out to friends. With hand lettering and photos sliced out of a book I bought at the discount book store about TV in the 60s, the flyer is probably one of the earliest examples of my work- true cut and paste. I can't remember if these were run at Kinkos or the Buff State Library copy machines?

Squeezing as much text into small spaces, I am surprised there was any white space on this thing, but I had to get that Frank Gorshin Riddler in as big as possible for full effect! This flyer came in red and green.

If I ever wanted to make a typeface from my handwriting, this would b a good example. In 20+ years my handwriting hasn't gotten much better, probably worse actually.

Merry Christmas, Batdork.... enjoy this flyer (click on it for a larger view)...

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