Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turn To Stone

Great Gift Ideas

While searching through some LPs last week this flyer slipped out of an Electric Light Orchestra double LP-- which also came with a punch-out and build 3D space ship.. yes! This is some 1970's direct marketing for you, slipped into the LP sleeve- man, that Jeff Lyne was on top of things. This ad is for ELO t-shirts in 4 styles (CHOICES GALORE!) priced between $4.50 and $7.00. Check or money order- people hardly used credit cards in the seventies..? "Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery"... the wait must have excruciating!

The model in the photo is sporting a real nice Three's Company feather hairdo, tight jeans and a really cool ELO spaceship (french cut) tee. Young men (in the '70s) probably loved getting this flyer with their record, better that the underwear section of the JC Penny catalog... almost!

The flyer features a variety of typefaces including American Typewriter, good old Helvetica and a headline set in Rudolf Koch's 1927 Kabel (though this is probably the ITC remade version from 1976).

I wonder if I filled this out and sent it in who would get it?- the shirts would be a steal at $5.00! Also note, on the order form, you could join the ELO Fan Club for five bucks as well!

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