Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heart Cooks Brain

Picture this!
The precursor to the familiar Dingbat set

Typesetting on the old MacII was groundbreaking at the time (1985), yet seems really rudimentary. The computer came loaded with seven font types including:

  • Chicago
  • Geneva
  • New York
  • Monaco
  • Venice
  • London
  • Athens
Like real typesetting, your were limited to a few actual point sizes. There was a separate size for each font, in other words Athens came in Athens 9, Athens 10, Athens 12, Athens 14, Athens 18 and Athens 24 and a couple text effects including outline and shadow. What is interesting is that the MacArtist book's Appendix shows 2 sets of alternate keys which are picture fonts. You needed to get these from your "Mac Dealer" and they didn't come pre-loaded.

The two extra set of picture fonts include Cairo- which were Egyptian symbols, objects, some of the Dingbats we know and love and buidings. The second set was called Fallingwater and it included more symbols, plants, trees and more buildings (black versions of the Cairo buildings). It is like they were encouraging planners, or even architects to use the mac- it was the 'computer for everyone.'

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