Thursday, July 24, 2008

Da Da Da

"Trebu-fucking-chet?" he said. "Who put that on here?"

Canada's National Post sent a reporter to Buffalo to cover Typecon2008 and her story is posted online, click here (

A yearn to kern: ‘Fonts are the clothes that words wear’
by Vanessa Farquharson, National Post

Here is an excerpt. It is fun to read 'outsiders' thought on this 'to them' slightly bizarre conference.

But just then, Erik Spiekermann - a renowned German typographer who founded FontShop and has created typefaces for Audi and Volkswagen - walked by and scanned through the list.

"Trebu-f---ing-chet?" he said. "Who put that on here?"

Although he wasn't impressed with this decision, the outspoken Spiekermann did reveal a smile upon seeing Meta on the list; after all, he created it.

And yet, while the man is passionate about fonts and takes pride in his work, he doesn't believe a typeface is a reflection only of its designer.

"Creative genius is about 5 to 10% of typography," he said. "I mean, an A has to look like an A, and a B like a B, and if it looks much different, it won't be read in the mainstream."

BONUS BEATS: To read about the real typo-folks impressions on the festival and Buffalo, check out this thread on the Typophile website.

BONUS BEATS TOO: Definitive proof that I was there... and part of j. (here and here)!!

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