Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kick Out The Jams

Happy Holidays to U!

I wanted to post the photos the girls and I took at The Broadway Market on Christmas Eve day. The market was dead and Santa Claus paid us a lot of mind-- we had his utmost attention. He told us that Mrs. Claus didn't want him to eat too many cookies this year and he seemed a bit large! I think he was sober....

So it was a great holiday in retrospective. The family came over and I got a lot a great gifts. The girls had a good time and got pretty much everything on their lists. J. bought me a lot of cool PUNK gifts including the the new Cobain book, the new pink Clash book (which seems awesome) and the soundtrack to the Strummer bio The Future is Unwritten. I also got a cool PUNK illustrated encyclopedia of sorts full of photos and more! Oi! You would think she was really gearing me up for the Strummer Tribute event I am DJing tomorrow night, eh?

Anyway, I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Mohawk Place-- Happy Holidays to you all, faithful readers. All three girls are sleeping and I am going to enjoy my scotch & water and delve into the pink Clash book a bit. Rock on in 2009.

Fruits and such....

Breads and more!

Waiting for sausage.

Platzec (Polish spellcheck help me..)


A bit of Crystal Beach memories.

Empty Deli.


Anonymous said...

I miss Buffalo

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Ragan misses Buffalo

mark said...

It certainly has it's charms. Hope to see you this summer, Miss Anonymous aka Kathleen Ragan!