Monday, December 1, 2008

Show 'Em What You Got

Post-Pre Holiday

The last month of the year is upon us. My what a quick one. The year had some highlights and lot of lowlights. Thanksgiving is behind us as we counted out blessings and move forward into the mad rush of 4 weeks until the Xmas holiday.

December is notoriously a slow month for business as not too many decisions get made during the month of December. Though a lot of folks are planning next year's marketing attack so that can keep us busy at OtherWisz headquarters. Time to get working on that company holiday card and make big plans of 2009. Yes, I said 2009! Man, I remember when it was turning 1999 (I DJ'ed that night and guess what song I played as the clock struck...?)

Time Travelin'

I was looking for something in the attic last week and I found an old camera bag. I dug into the front pocket and found a pack of Camels with 2 smokes in there. The pack had a pricer tag of $1.85 on it... that was a long time ago when cigs only cost a buck eighty-five. I have quit smoking since- probably 12-14 years ago. I can't remember any more.

My friend Kevin was reminiscing on his blog about quitting smoking and drinking some ten years ago. I read this on the same day I made the ancient smokes discovery. I seems like yesterday I quit and it seems like a million years ago at the same time. As you get older time seems to speed up. When I was a kid the days seem to drag on as I sat in school- 3 o'clock was hours and hours away! Now the year is up with barely a blip on the radar screen.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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