Monday, December 22, 2008

State of Emergency

Randy Mantooth was the man!

The snow fell, stopped, and then fell again. I like the blizzardy Buffalo and yes, I own a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I was out with some friends Saturday night and the car got stuck trying to pull into a parking space on Allen St. The car was a light, economical hybrid... but no match for our unplowed streets ("turn the wheels straight!"). Our truck is a match for all bad weather and since my street has yet to be really plowed until Saturday night- I am glad for the 4-wheelin, I wouldn't be able to get anywhere. Besides the fact that my office is 30 feet or so from my house, I shouldn't really worry much.

We are suppose to have a few days of warmth up and around Xmas. By 'warmth' they are talking 40s. But considering it has been in the low teens the last few days, forties will seem like a heatwave.

This time between the holidays, I don't expect to get too much done on the work-front. Most of my time is for parties, family and last minute house cleaning and decorating. Oh yeah, and catching up on the classic Emergency- and old 70s favorite I just rediscovered on RTN. It is like a resuce show and a doctor show all rolled into one! This will take the place of my missing Hunter. Simple pleasures....

I am also trying to catch up on some new music that I haven't heard yet. I like to read the "Best of..." in a few sources (Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin) and weight the differences, listen online, maybe see a band video on YouTubeSocks, and then buy (post holiday). Things I might be interested in are: MGMT, Of Montreal..., The Knux, new Killers, new Kaiser Cheifs, Hercules and Love Affair...

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E said...

I loved Emergency! Plus, my parents didn't want me to watch it for some reason, so it had that forbidden-fruit aspect. Adam-12 was the other great one.

Of Montreal and Hercules and Love Affair are good. I wasn't too impressed with MGMT. Haven't heard enough of the others to make recommendations.