Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Panic! (on the Streets of London)

Three new things I learned about last weekend:

  1. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake (sounds like a Time song)
  2. You can still buy a cheap Christmas tree (mine $35, my brother in laws- $20 ! ! !)
  3. 'VamPirates' (the best of both worlds, vampires that are also pirates... on a ghost ship)
Attention Procrastinators, 'the lonely," and lovers of art!!
This Saturday, December 20th!
The Last Minute, Gift Getting, Best of the Best, Holiday Sale!
I told you once, now I'll tell you twice.
Get a chance to shop in the city, like the old days, in an old building, but for new things! Handmade things! Handcrafted things! Art! Ha!

Last minute gift buying panic marketplace (actual title)
at Western New York Book Arts Center
468 Washington St at Mohawk in Downtown Buffalo
December 20th, 11am - 4pm.

Free admission and open to the public
Artists, craftspeople, printers, & other handmade/self published/locally produced items. Perfect gifts for giving or hoarding. Plus see the current exhibition, the YouWorkForThem international poster art show that originally was featured at TypeCon in July.

We will be selling the WHERE TO ROAM tees, hoodies and scarves. Get these collector items while you can, while they last before we think of something else to do. You need this: click here, and this (click here) and this, I wear mine all the time now that it is cold, and one of these (click me) and maybe you like it like like like this, eh?

Stop by and say hello, I'll be looking for ya!
As featured on BuffaloRising (with a picture of one of out tees).


Jason Gusmann said...

where did you hear about "VamPirates" and where can i gets some?

mark said...

I saw the VamPirates in the bookstore, you know the kids are crazy for those vampires again....