Monday, March 2, 2009

Confusion The Waitress

T-Shirt Of The Week #3: Turntable Tee:
Washed-out Black Logo Art on White Tee

This is my weekly feature on a favorite t-shirt that I own, number three.... I received this t-shirt as a gift from my friend Jay one day. I was admiring a similar shirt that he wore to my house on a warm Summer day. The next time I saw him he handed me a bag with this tee in it. You know, I think he bought it at Old Navy, but I am not sure. He was a generous guy like that.

This tee came pre-worn-out looking, which I am never a big fan of. I prefer to do the wearing and tearing in a shirt myself, but I guess kids can't wait that long these days to wear-out a shirt on their own. This particular tee is also a big one so it goes good with layering and its gets used a bunch this time of the year (12 degrees as I type this).

It is a simple black and white graphic of a Technics turntable, nothing fancy. I love records so this turntable appeals to me. It is a stationary object, just sitting there. But when I see it, it says, "Action! Music! Disco-party! Beats! Grooves! Yeah!" Well, to me it does. For some reason, this shirt always reminds me Underworld 12" records, I am not kidding. And for the record, Underworld is the only electronic dance music band my Dad likes. I played some once for him to test some speakers I bought. He loved the loud bass of the opening track 'Jaunita' from the Second Toughest of The Infants record and he went nuts.... I had to make him a copy so he could blast in his truck driving around in FLA... but, I digress. Sorry, fav t-shirt number three!

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