Friday, March 6, 2009

(I Can't Live Without My) Radio

Radio, suckers never play me.....
-- Public Enemy

Several years ago I took part in an art opening at the now-closed "blu" on Main Steet, near the UB campus. This was a club we used to spin tunes at that was also a sushi bar. They used to have this great open-DJ night where you could sign up for a 1/2 slot and play whatever, it was great. Scott and I-- as dejablu-- used to spin there often, a lot of Saturdays, we played the opening night, etc.

DJ Scotty organized a few art openings there as the event booker. I was invited to join in on a 'music and art' project that involved digital art, photographs, paintings and more. For my project I created this 3-D sculpture which consists of a boom box that was covered in layers and layers of paint and objects including toys, photos, stickers, labels, magazine clippings, bubble gum cards, action figures, and all sorts of little knick-knacks. It took weeks to apply each layer and shellack the heck out of it. The final boom box has every single square inch covered in something and came out quite dense. It was inspired by some photos I saw of old-school Brooklyn B-boy dudes with their custom boom boxes from the '70s. Thye used to sticker-the-hell out of them and spray paint them up; basically 'tag' them as theirs.

My friend Nate (Funk Ship), who is a photography nut, spend some time, while we were hanging listening to records, taking snapshots of the art piece. I borrowed a few of his images and posted them so you could see the details of the boom box (see below). If you go to pharaoh8's Flikr link here you can see all his cool snapshots of the boom box.

And if any of you Gallery Owners want this piece on loan, just let me know.

Just for the record 1- the boom box still works!

Just for the record 2- the crappy photo at the top of this blog was mine, I didn't want you think it was one of Nate's shots. I should probably stop taking photos with my laptop and use a camera. I have one.

Archie McFee do-dads and such.

I want youth, horizontal, space, electricity.

Bunny vs. OtherWisz.

Clarity victory.

More wants.


Jason Gusmann said...

isnt that the boombox that (to my eternal shame) i broke part off at yer house one night? i think i was trying to adjust the non-existent volume. for shame.

mark said...

yes, this is the same one... but I think we fixed it.And I think you may have been drinking (or something...) that night. I still like you.