Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Glam Slam

T-Shirt Of The Week #7: Prince Glam Slam Official Club Tee

This is my weekly feature on a favorite t-shirt that I own, number seven... This tee was given to me by my future wife. The tee is a souvenir from Prince's Atlanta club, Glam Slam that he used to own for a while back in the '90s. It features the classic Prince microphone shaped like a pistol. It is smokin' (the pistol, that is)... The back has the Glam Slam logo in black.

This is a cool shirt, very unique. The fact that some guy bought it for my future wife a million years ago and she gave it to me, makes it even better. She gave it to me... or did I borrow it and never give it back? Anyway. The weird thing is-- and I don't know if it is a printing glitch- his hand is really kinda white for a black dude.

Overall its a cool graphic... People used to kinda give it a once over and not know entirely what to make of it when they saw it. All the Prince fans in town (all seven of us) knew what it was at 1st glance. Word!

Glam Slam.... escape! Free your mind from this rat race....

BONUS BEATS- Glam Slam video- check out the blindfolded P-man and his giant hairdo in this one...

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Jason Gusmann said...

my favorite part about that shirt is that it looks like prince (i'm assuming) just shot you in the head. not a good long-term business model for the guy, however.