Monday, June 9, 2008


A Review of the HOW Design Conference in Boston

Ever wonder what is like to attend a big design conference out-of-town? Well my friend Nate attended the HOW Design Conference May 18-21, in Boston a few weeks back and has 'detail blogged' about it. He gives us a play-by-play diary of what he saw, what he did and how HOW changed his life!

I have a few under my belt starting with the an Adobe Conference in Toronto back in the late 80s, various Paper Shows and J. and I were at the Toronto Typecon several years back (which was coolio). Reading Nate's tale is really getting me stoked for Typecon in Buffalo next month, where we get to play the host-city-- showing out-of-towners a real good time.

Read about Nate's trip to Boston and the the HOW Conference- click here.

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Awesome post! Thanks!