Friday, June 20, 2008

Black Diamond (well, actually, the 2 of clubs...)

Deal me in (though, you gotta know when to fold 'em...)!

P22, the local typeface foundry, has released a second set of Type Specimen Playing Cards as a follow up to the first set from 2004. Each card in the deck is an original design using a different P22 font. The cards work as a clever and cool collectors item as well as a unique take on the font specimen book (which is the method type foundries display their fonts for sale, a 'type catalog', if you will).

All 52 cards were designed by either an internal P22 designer as well as local and international designers including Jim from Typeco, Paul Hunt and Hajime Kawakami. Last year Richard Kegler from P22 put a call out to designers to submit designs using their favorite P22 font. I am proud to announce that the deck includes an OtherWisz designed card. Yeah!

OtherWisz used P22's London Underground Extras on a balanced design for the 2 of clubs (see graphic to the right). I was very excited to see one of our designs included in the set. It is an an honor and a privilege to part of this project.

The London Underground, a humanist san serif font, originally designed by Edward Johnson for the London Transit Authority has had quite a re-birth since P22 digitized it for release in 1997. The new expanded release of the Underground Pro has really taken the fontface further with several additional weights to the original design. It has always been one of my favorite P22 fonts and one of my first P22 font purchases.

The cards can be ordered on the P22 website (click here) for $10 (plus shipping) or they are FREE with an order of over $100 from P22. I am sure they will for sale at the upcoming Typecon, as well.

More about the London Underground font here.

BONUS: View the complete set of OtherWisz rejected submissions (click here)
you only need one winner, to be a winner!

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yea! congrats on the win. cool card.
i always knew you were winners ;)