Monday, June 9, 2008

Diamonds On The Souls of Her Shoes

This is one of those below rate favors but rewarding jobs!

An aqauitance was going to Senegal to hang out with his drummer friends for a week and he promised to bring them T-shirts for their band, Ballet Syllaba Thiaroye.

He waited until the last minute and contacted me to help him out. So I gladly created the design the night before it went to print.

We searched online to find images of similar african drumming bands like theirs. Found some great reference, performed some 'hand' tracing in Illustrator, found a worthy typeface, balanced it all together and viola! Called the printer in the morning and arranged to get the tees, saw an email proof and they were printed and ready for pickup a few days later. They were packed into a suitcases and off they went to Africa!

Pretty cool, I got this photo emailed earlier of some of the band members enjoying their new Ballet Syllaba Thiaroye gear. They look happy!

Here is the final artwork below: BST rocks!

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Anonymous said...

you know i getz down with the black and white. kind and dope all in one motion.