Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alright Hear This

Get Out the Vote 2008!

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) has an annual election year contest where they invite members/designers to come up with inspirational posters to get the peoples out there to vote. They post the gallery online so you can view, download and print them. Do it! Put them up and try and to use design to inspire.

Some of them are really great, well designed and inspirational. Some of them are just designed well, not very inspirational- they could be selling just about anything. Some of them are designed poorly- I am sorry to say-- they may be getting the message across, but at what cost? They all should be great designs, these are professionals.

Some notes:

The Simon Cowell poster is cute and clever (like a lot of ad agency projects I see these days).

The Gone Votin' is a great retro design, but what is the message...

The Chen design poster is just beautiful, but again, is the message really getting across?

The blue Thomas Jefferson poster is again clever, but man, they could have used a better font.

The Heal Vote (pictured above) is a favorite of mine- well designed, beautifully balanced and the message is really getting across.

View them all, let me know what you think-- click here.

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