Monday, September 15, 2008


Fall sure seems like it is here, though it is actually one week away. Big changes are afoot as the weather turns like the leaves. Our design company enters a new era. Our youngest child is off to pre-K full time and that means Jill and I are both in the office full time all day, everyday.

The first phase of OtherWisz was just me working out of the front bedroom. One guy working all hours of the night with design input from J. who had a full time job with a local architect at the time. We had begun to use some freelancers, so that OtherWisz became a real company and not just a freelance business per se.

The second phase was when we had our first child and Jill quit her job to raise our daughter full time and join the business as an integral part. This was now our sole source of income and it was scary at first. We were always looking as to what was the next job coming in, the next project coming up and hoping that we could 'do it'- working for ourselves. There comes a point when you realize, "oh yeah, we ARE doing it...." We restructured, became a corporation, hired some employees and that was where we stood for a few years.

And now, today, the third phase begins. The second child is in school and we have nothing to do but work all the time. No more balancing picking up at the play group with the work, lunch and naps balanced with work, now, it is just work. It is exciting to think that all we have to really worry about from 8:30 until 4:00 is working. Does this mean we won't have to work at night anymore..... only time will tell, I'll keep you posted!

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